The Silver Bullet- Zombie Game Equally Attractive H1z1

The Silver Bullet is mobile shooting game with 3D graphics stunning lets you alone roll between dozens Zombie. Game The Silver Bullet is a 3D mobile game genre shooter themed catastrophe is Korean developer KwangSam Kim and Byulbram Studio painstakingly molded. The game takes place in the world overrun by zombies and mutated creatures dangerous, people will have to find ways to survive and fight in the world of extreme and chaos. Just a minute neglect players can be killed. However, the gameplay systems The Silver Bullet will not focus on survival guide with the “hardcore” that fond of shooting extremely user has manually and fun, suitable for all ages. This makes the game a lot more favorite age. H1z1 Map


The Silver Bullet game is the name now represents shooter genre RPG for mobile phones, this mobile game play quite fascinated users from plot to character modeling technique, Us weapon system equipment as well as missions that players must go through every game of football. The Silver Bullet game puts players in the combat screen immersive balanced brain when a beautiful girl with a gun 2 named Kali. She is an assassin working for the Vatican through an organization called Neverlight. Not only owns a compelling storyline that game The Silver Bullet also wears robes superior 3D. Therefore, this game gives people experience the characteristic elements of the horror genre as well as the shaping of the monster, undead very authentic, lively make players not help but shudder every time facing them. Game settings are also ancient style sketch show created tinged modern space has really just virtual game; sound and lighting systems are also focused beauty to every detail. The grisly details were focused more. This will enable players to experience the truest sense. Gamers will easily controlled characters Kali beautiful girl with the virtual keys to move left and right is a button shooting, acrobatics right on the touchscreen. To make it easier, players can only enter the target that you want to destroy. There will be a series of different challenges up to 30 main tasks and undergo 10 stages are set up specifically in the basement dungeons go in the military arsenal of secret detention are huge monsters , evil is waiting for the release of hazardous human world.

Shaping of the zombies in the game has been designed out how to impress the players, along with the combination of the gameplay is quite unique and attractive. Zombie Shoot often as problematic by many gamers as how to be able to defeat hideous monsters that do not let them hit.
Of course, in addition to choosing the right location, the use of the gun, fit to kill opponents fast is very necessary in the Zombie game mode. With the game’s story brought the era was built on quality 3D graphics and sound effects are characteristics of the zombie shooter game The Silver Bullet certainly will bring the most authentic experience for anyone Experience it.



Opponents Of H1z1 Impress Scary Content

The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers. As one of the online game Zombie attractive retrieve content to be released in 2013, the game Infestation: Survivor Stories get a lot of attention thanks to the combination of all these factors add horror. For those interested, you can refer to at home World in Game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built in the style quite rudimentary, making gamers feel the ruins of a human world is coming to an end before the outbreak of the Zombie pandemic. In his world, players will have to try to survive the onslaught of ferocious zombie flood, as well as from the other players. H1z1


However, it is noticeable that the players better in game Infestation: Survivor Stories may attack each other in battle. These people often do so with the goal of jokes, or kill others to usurp weapons. This makes the horror elements of the game Infestation: Survivor Stories is pushed up high, where in addition to resist the onslaught of floods Zombie, players also have to prevent the other major players. Fighting mechanisms in game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built like in a shooter game 3rd Characters can use the 2 kinds of weapons well ranged and melee. While all kinds of ranged weapons are guns have certain advantages help figure being approached by Zombie, the kinds of melee weapons have the potential to cause major damage, and can cause opponents pushed back or stunned, unable to pay the increased beat. The types of weapons in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories plentiful, from sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols … have certain effects when fighting. However, as noted above, to own more types of equipment, players must collect them scattered across the map during gameplay. The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers.

Game Infestation: Survivor Stories put gamers in a vast open world, allowing hundreds of people to join in a map to the attack against the zombie flood. During play, players take turns collecting the tools and accessory items … scattered across the map. The purpose of this time gamers will be looking to survive a Zombie attack. They can freely move around the map, but the number of Zombie was born very much, this is not a wise decision. Instead, players can team up with other players to be able to support each other, choose the terrain is well entrenched in defense. Of course, in the course of play, players will always have to move to avoid approaching zombie flood. Not just to avoid flood Zombie killing, gamers will need to search, collect the “supply” on the map to avoid being hungry character. After searching the supply figures, survival bar on the screen will automatically be restored. Of course, if this existential bar of all, players will be forced to stop the game.


The Reason Why You Can Not Refuse To Participate In Play H1z1

1. The game uses next-gen engine Forgelight
Behind the bold open sandbox environments and dozens of places in the modern city or the region in ruins, destroyed on a large scale … is the engine Forgelight. You can count on this engine of SOE because it’s what created the world and MMO Planetside 2 “peak” of its upcoming, EverQuest Next. This is a complete engine and was born to build giant sandbox titles. As I said, you can expect the game without much error, better effects, and physical systems have persuasive.

2. Transportation will be present in the game

The transportation will play an important role in the game and also will influence the gameplay somewhat. You can use the car to move quickly, to escape from the pursuit of zombies, used as a barrier in the gun battle with other players. Many different types of transportation will appear simultaneously in h1z1 game.

3. Diverse playing style
As mentioned above, you can also interact with pretty much everything in the game to create many different playing styles. You are allowed to burn the trees, dug to prevent the attack of zombies or just do it for fun. Most of the game’s environments can leverage to create advantages for players. And according to the developers, H1Z1 is a game quite “hardcore” gamers suited for hard.

4. Continuously update
We can say the main factor frequently updated content is the way to keep players of most online games and SOE now know it. They had planned to gradually expand the size of the map through each update constantly updated on the game.

5. Totally Free
Players can pay $ 20 on Steam in order to join before the game 4-6 weeks compared with those who play for free. H1Z1 does not require any monthly maintenance fee yet, and the game does not sell anything that affects PvP. Business Forms immediate items probably rose 2 percentage as in Planetside.

6. Multiple servers
H1Z1 probably not a game for casual players, and that “death is the end,” developers are still considering the application. However, SOE will also try to make game suitable for gamers as much as possible by making the server applies the “code” different. Details on this issue is still being discussed.