“Opponents Of H1z1” Alan Wake 2 Official Development

The fans of survival horror game could have known game called Alan Wake released by Microsoft, a famous game with immersive story, many choke points, extremely logical denouement and steamed guide, as a true television series make players very excited. Alan Wake game about the life of the writer of the famous horror novel of the same name, after he was confronted with the mysterious disappearance of his wife during a stay in the village Bright Falls, Washington. All events take place on the same as in his novel, a novel that he did not even remember that I wrote it. It hides many mysteries. Game appearance in 2010, only on Xbox 360 console, and then to take the new 2012 Microsoft port to a PC. Shortly thereafter, the game was PC gamers greeted quite warmly. H1z1 Map
Shortly after appearing on the PC, recently, developer Remedy’s Alan Wake game again hinted about some new dynamics of the game in 2013 with a post on its Facebook game Alan Wake 2 about to be released.


Recently, official information about the game Alan Wake 2 has been confirmed that company.

In the 2nd part of this, many people predicted it probably will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part released in 2010.
Creative Director of Remedy’s Sam Lake has candidly shared about the latest planned:

“For the game Alan Wake, we always want to have a sequel and maybe go further with it in the future. Before the development of the first version is finished, we had the opportunity to sit down with together and discuss the new direction of this game in the future. It can be admitted, the next project was planned long ago and we’re still working on it “. Game Alan Wake is one of horror games, survive the many gamers rarely evaluated with towering score threshold on the market. However, it was too long since the first version launched in 2010, now has more than 5 years but developer Remedy Entertainment has not provided the information for the next edition.

Many think that, in this sequel, so maybe it will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part. Sam Lake also said that the reason they have delayed this project for so long encumbered Partly upcoming titles currently, and most notably Quantum Break.

Perhaps as soon as after the launch finish this game, the team will continue to be concentrated in order to be brought to the fans game Alan Wake 2 as quickly as possible.
Studio Finland is currently looking for a Head of design scenarios to participate in the new game. This game will focus on “experience dramatic action and the plot area attractive”, those who intend to be interviewed should have experience in the “narrative and drama.”
At GDC conference last month, chief technology officer Markus Maki also shared that to Alan Wake for Xbox 360 exclusive offers high commercial risks for them, but it also helps developers better focus.

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