Game H1z1 Express Gender Equality As Additional Heroine

Horror title featured additional year decided female game character to uphold the spirit of gender equality. Accordingly, this female character charm stature but very strong and athletic. Manufacturer of H1Z1, Daybreak games that will launch this female character in about 2 weeks. Its CEO, John Smedley has shared this information on his Twitter. Project design and development of female characters to be launched from January H1Z1 3/2015 with very serious efforts in the diversification and improvement of the character models. This female character has a height equivalent to the male characters, so there will not be any superior advantage in the dodge or combat.

Together, these characters will equal about fashion. Specifically, if you find a pair of jeans in the game, you’ll be wearing if you’re playing male characters wear modern male and female if playing the heroine.
Without any gender discrimination in the game, any outfit any male character, the heroine has also owned a similar suit, only a slight adjustment to fit physique. H1z1 maps period set in dark future of human society before the onslaught of the undead disaster. The fate of men very fragile. On the one hand, they try to survive, trying to seek a safe haven away from the crowd of zombies eat raw meat, which can eat any living creature they caught, and their bites have his infectious. Besides, the characters have to fight our fellow righteous.

However, the development team is the horror of the game is not in the battle screen which is that gamers will like will have to find ways to survive this apocalyptic world, not knowing what awaited her in front or behind closed doors.
Shooting in H1Z1 bring real experiences. You must face the past aiming crosshairs and it certainly is not something easy in the first corner and third look. Regarding RPG elements, the game brings players to customize characters and record their journey, one of the fundamentals of the game online, and besides, H1Z1 brings an in-game economy rather complete. Players can exchange traded items earned through the “survival” of you in the game.
Maybe humanity did not exist in nature H1Z1 but it is still there, and it still brings food supplies, drinking water for us, although no longer the same as before. There will be a wolf, deer in the game and other animals, they will recur identically struggle to survive life. Wolf hunting deer, wolves are eating zombie and deer, and humans are going “meat” all.