Tree Of Life- Survival Game Title In Korea Beat H1z1

Overall, Game Tree of Life makes us reminiscent survival game is to storm the market today – Do not starve or H1Z1.

Game Tree of Life is a sandbox MMO content existential play, creating the feeling of “live” and “N” honestly in the virtual world. Everyone participated in the game will be engaged in a very real community with a complex economy, active life and requires gamers to communicate and coordinate with each other regularly. Tree of Life has added several interactive elements between gamers together. Control mechanisms in the Tree of Life goes towards the third angle, quite simple and almost nothing is too difficult for gamers. World in Tree of Life is a vast open world, where players with experience in the same server. Still, they will be faced with another danger always lurking.


In the Tree of Life, players will be selected to 24 different occupations. Every profession has its characteristic, as well as personal skills to help gamers can manufacture these items, equipped with their own values. Of course, gamers are able to learn and switching between 24 occupational categories this. H1z1 Maps
It is notable that this profession has a certain level of interaction with each other, such as carpentry important role in Tree of Life, and is almost occupation that gamers must learn. This came from the carpenter could invent items, such as molds equipped for blacksmiths, tailors measure or simply trolley for farmers … Gamers will encounter direct competition with gamers. This can come from a number of concepts such as land tenure, or minerals, precious natural resources. If you arrive late, the other players will quickly take all these kinds of scarce resources.
Additionally, PvP is also allowed in the land of freedom, when players can attack each other in a relaxed manner. Reconstruct a realistic world where players had to endure the harsh nature, Tree of Life continues to take on more difficult to gamers, it is the appearance of monsters at night .

The monsters appear from the huge monster, until the zombies will attack players while moving closer. Therefore, moving out at night becomes quite dangerous, and gamers will need the kind of equipment powerful enough as the average recovery or powerful weapons to be able to go back at night. Recently, online games open world game Tree of Life has become a new phenomenon on the Steam distribution system while attracting more than 10,000 players and earned $ 200,000, this is a not a small figure when the New game launches just 6 days. Also, this game also received a comment is … too great from the players involved in the game. Tree of Life because of a small studio from Korea is oddonegames only 4 people in 3 years development. Currently the game is sold with 3 prices, the cheapest is $ 19.99, followed by $ 24.99 and $ 59.99 in addition to adding the new content added $ 7.99.



“Opponents Of H1z1” Alan Wake 2 Official Development

The fans of survival horror game could have known game called Alan Wake released by Microsoft, a famous game with immersive story, many choke points, extremely logical denouement and steamed guide, as a true television series make players very excited. Alan Wake game about the life of the writer of the famous horror novel of the same name, after he was confronted with the mysterious disappearance of his wife during a stay in the village Bright Falls, Washington. All events take place on the same as in his novel, a novel that he did not even remember that I wrote it. It hides many mysteries. Game appearance in 2010, only on Xbox 360 console, and then to take the new 2012 Microsoft port to a PC. Shortly thereafter, the game was PC gamers greeted quite warmly. H1z1 Map
Shortly after appearing on the PC, recently, developer Remedy’s Alan Wake game again hinted about some new dynamics of the game in 2013 with a post on its Facebook game Alan Wake 2 about to be released.


Recently, official information about the game Alan Wake 2 has been confirmed that company.

In the 2nd part of this, many people predicted it probably will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part released in 2010.
Creative Director of Remedy’s Sam Lake has candidly shared about the latest planned:

“For the game Alan Wake, we always want to have a sequel and maybe go further with it in the future. Before the development of the first version is finished, we had the opportunity to sit down with together and discuss the new direction of this game in the future. It can be admitted, the next project was planned long ago and we’re still working on it “. Game Alan Wake is one of horror games, survive the many gamers rarely evaluated with towering score threshold on the market. However, it was too long since the first version launched in 2010, now has more than 5 years but developer Remedy Entertainment has not provided the information for the next edition.

Many think that, in this sequel, so maybe it will be a new character with a different background and completely different story than the first part. Sam Lake also said that the reason they have delayed this project for so long encumbered Partly upcoming titles currently, and most notably Quantum Break.

Perhaps as soon as after the launch finish this game, the team will continue to be concentrated in order to be brought to the fans game Alan Wake 2 as quickly as possible.
Studio Finland is currently looking for a Head of design scenarios to participate in the new game. This game will focus on “experience dramatic action and the plot area attractive”, those who intend to be interviewed should have experience in the “narrative and drama.”
At GDC conference last month, chief technology officer Markus Maki also shared that to Alan Wake for Xbox 360 exclusive offers high commercial risks for them, but it also helps developers better focus.


Fallout Shelter- Desired Survival Game Known As H1z1

Game Fallout Shelter is a survival game is extremely attractive for the phone platform. You will play the survivors after a nuclear disaster and develop their teams in the underground cellar. This game developed by Bethesda Game Studios and was released on iOs operating system on 14 May 06 2015 and immediately climb to the top of one of the App Store. This is the clearest proof of the strong coverage of this game.
Fallout Shelter context of relatively modern and takes place in a world where humanity will read PCA was destroyed by a nuclear disaster. This time, those who survived the disaster Shai protect themselves by hiding in the cellar deep underground and trying to maintain your life as long as possible in extremely hazardous environments.


You will be playing a shelter manager, assign tasks to people to ensure the life of the party in the basement. Not only that, you will have to seek additional new members and protect the lives of everyone in the tunnel before the invasion of the other survivors group. Your task will be to collect as many bottle caps coca (CAPS – the currency in the game) and then use them to build up the necessary room to create the most necessary things for their lives as electricity, water, food, medicine …
The characters in the game will have a different index, the symbol of S, P, E, C, I, A, L match the specific characteristics of each room. You will have to develop and build the new room to your community grow further. When the amount reaches a certain member of the cellar, a room with a new function is unlocked so you can develop your community easier.
When you feel the room producing resources too slow, you can boost the speed of the room more functional by Rush. However, this is also double-edged sword because it has a certain failure rate, if fails, you will be faced with one of two types of events like sudden attack interrupted or having a fire in the room.

Characters in the game are drawn in cartoon style, blended with a little style Comic west.
Design Images diverse characters and simple expressions but still brings the necessary expressiveness.
Besides images, the characters of the game room is also designed with distinct style helps players easily recognize them in a maze of rooms to be built underground. H1Z1
All pictures in the game is designed quite detailed, so you can zoom close to each room can still clearly see everything happening in it. Sounds game developers incorporated in each specific situation. You can hear clearly every hum of the motor running in a computer classroom, audible siren whenever an invasion or sound the same way way loud siren when the hatch is opened. However, excessive use of game sound negative, warning the player to feel the dramatic existential life. However, we enjoy making angry gamers. The invaders would occasionally visit your basement during play. So be careful and prepared for the worst case scenario can occur.


Opponents Of The Dead Island H1z1 Be Pleased Gamers Epidemic Vietnam

A large part are gamers Vietnam war in the virtual world of a new game called Dead Island Epidemic. This is understandable because this game is very good quality, free to play now, very easy to participate. Online game Dead Island Zombie Epidemic attractive new free open widely distributed through the Steam platform not long ago. However, the game has quickly attracted a lot of attention and become widely popular in a short time period. As felt by many gamers Vietnam participated in the game Dead Island, the game Epidemic This has changed the mechanism to fight, no longer purely MOBA as originally planned by another manufacturer that offers different mechanisms full of entertainment: “PVE: party of 4 people doing the mission to destroy zombies. PVP: 3 teams each team 4 players collect resources flag quite happy”. The main changes put mechanisms gaming flexibility and attract more users.


Although released as free playtime, but gamers do not need to worry about the issue of “pay to win” – pay will win: “What needs to recharge, plow weapon blueprint also out of genuine but, character also can be purchased with points earned in the game char “. Of course we will be subjected to torture quite as powerful plow in Dead Island Map Epidemic. And it’s important to go to success is to be patient and not get discouraged. Overall, the game Dead Island Epidemic is a very reasonable choice for gamers are going to find yourself an online game with new gameplay, innovative and also very funny. Dead Island is a MOBA Epidemic newly introduced in mid-2014 past. Unlike many current prevailing MOBA like League of Legends, DOTA 2 or h1z1 maps, Dead Island to gamers Epidemic introduce quite new gameplay system for controlling the character as a true role-playing game.
Each participating team will consist of 4 person game play, bringing the total number of players required for a match request to figure 12. The main objective of the players in Dead Island will be collected Epidemic “supply” to carry on bases, and the team that collects enough supply needed to escape from a desert island would be the winner.

This all-new gameplay makes Dead Island Epidemic received from interested and curious world gaming community. In the game, players will not only be wary of two rival teams, but will also have to pay attention all the herd or the Boss Zombie tremendous appear on the map. This will be no small challenge.

After the game, players will receive experience points and can use it to buy and strengthen the weapons, which he loved. Of course, you could also use the money to buy the card loaded weapons in the Cash Shop.
Overall, the game Dead Island is one of the Epidemic anticipated games and not make players be disappointed. After the first game experience, the majority of gamers are highly innovative and novel that title brings. Perhaps in the not too distant future, this game will be a worthy competitor sword against another cult names like H1Z1, league legend.


“Opponents H1z1” Zombie Eternal City 3 Prepared Opening

Subject destroyed world zombie pandemic and never makes gaming all ideas, and games called Eternal City’s upcoming next 3 will contribute filling up warehouses of the genre.

On 05.02.2015 the next day, online shooter game 3rd Eternal City 3 open beta will be open in the Korean market. Gamers like the zombie theme disaster can register for an account and refer to at home:
Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible declining population and a very large flood occurs Zombie run around.
Eternal City 3 is a game online Tuesday shooter set in post-apocalyptic world, where the survivors will be wary with zombie hordes and mutant may appear offensive estate anytime. They are very aggressive and very dangerous.


However, the game Eternal City 3 will not put the player into situations awfully difficult as collective existential way, go find water or food saves in games like The Last of Us or I Am Alive which focus recreational game in more directions while providing players with extreme shooting was hand screen. This is also the difference of this game. Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible decline of the population and appear very crowded online only clique Zombie “brain food” people . Battlefield 3 game Eternal City is designed in the South Korean city, so you can easily recognize the familiar streets of Seoul are very realistic reconstruction. The mission of gamers in this game is to try to survive in a world full of dangers, but to do this we must unite together and defeat the violent zombie herd. Since launching the first image on its homepage from 20/8 until now, the Eternal City 3 remain diligent team game developed by the 3D graphics platform created by them called engine Bulldozer 3. Eternal City 3 have stunning graphics platform with the details to be extremely realistic design can impress gamers participate. Pictures of the city of Seoul under Bulldozer 3 3D graphics became an extremely tragic battle with dilapidated buildings and street corners in the Eternal City in ruins 3.

The appeal of this new game is not controversial, as experienced during the Closed Beta registration was conducted in mid-May before had so many players registered publishers fear that there will be errors on the server too Downloads occur should only allow 5,000 players registered to participate in the earliest phase of this trial.
Eternal City 3 promises to be one or more titles from the land of Kim Chi made headlines around the world next to the names ahead as h1z1 map. If you are a favorite shooting games, please do not overlook this exciting game.


The Reason Why You Can Not Refuse To Participate In Play H1z1

1. The game uses next-gen engine Forgelight
Behind the bold open sandbox environments and dozens of places in the modern city or the region in ruins, destroyed on a large scale … is the engine Forgelight. You can count on this engine of SOE because it’s what created the world and MMO Planetside 2 “peak” of its upcoming, EverQuest Next. This is a complete engine and was born to build giant sandbox titles. As I said, you can expect the game without much error, better effects, and physical systems have persuasive.

2. Transportation will be present in the game

The transportation will play an important role in the game and also will influence the gameplay somewhat. You can use the car to move quickly, to escape from the pursuit of zombies, used as a barrier in the gun battle with other players. Many different types of transportation will appear simultaneously in h1z1 game.

3. Diverse playing style
As mentioned above, you can also interact with pretty much everything in the game to create many different playing styles. You are allowed to burn the trees, dug to prevent the attack of zombies or just do it for fun. Most of the game’s environments can leverage to create advantages for players. And according to the developers, H1Z1 is a game quite “hardcore” gamers suited for hard.

4. Continuously update
We can say the main factor frequently updated content is the way to keep players of most online games and SOE now know it. They had planned to gradually expand the size of the map through each update constantly updated on the game.

5. Totally Free
Players can pay $ 20 on Steam in order to join before the game 4-6 weeks compared with those who play for free. H1Z1 does not require any monthly maintenance fee yet, and the game does not sell anything that affects PvP. Business Forms immediate items probably rose 2 percentage as in Planetside.

6. Multiple servers
H1Z1 probably not a game for casual players, and that “death is the end,” developers are still considering the application. However, SOE will also try to make game suitable for gamers as much as possible by making the server applies the “code” different. Details on this issue is still being discussed.