The Silver Bullet- Zombie Game Equally Attractive H1z1

The Silver Bullet is mobile shooting game with 3D graphics stunning lets you alone roll between dozens Zombie. Game The Silver Bullet is a 3D mobile game genre shooter themed catastrophe is Korean developer KwangSam Kim and Byulbram Studio painstakingly molded. The game takes place in the world overrun by zombies and mutated creatures dangerous, people will have to find ways to survive and fight in the world of extreme and chaos. Just a minute neglect players can be killed. However, the gameplay systems The Silver Bullet will not focus on survival guide with the “hardcore” that fond of shooting extremely user has manually and fun, suitable for all ages. This makes the game a lot more favorite age. H1z1 Map


The Silver Bullet game is the name now represents shooter genre RPG for mobile phones, this mobile game play quite fascinated users from plot to character modeling technique, Us weapon system equipment as well as missions that players must go through every game of football. The Silver Bullet game puts players in the combat screen immersive balanced brain when a beautiful girl with a gun 2 named Kali. She is an assassin working for the Vatican through an organization called Neverlight. Not only owns a compelling storyline that game The Silver Bullet also wears robes superior 3D. Therefore, this game gives people experience the characteristic elements of the horror genre as well as the shaping of the monster, undead very authentic, lively make players not help but shudder every time facing them. Game settings are also ancient style sketch show created tinged modern space has really just virtual game; sound and lighting systems are also focused beauty to every detail. The grisly details were focused more. This will enable players to experience the truest sense. Gamers will easily controlled characters Kali beautiful girl with the virtual keys to move left and right is a button shooting, acrobatics right on the touchscreen. To make it easier, players can only enter the target that you want to destroy. There will be a series of different challenges up to 30 main tasks and undergo 10 stages are set up specifically in the basement dungeons go in the military arsenal of secret detention are huge monsters , evil is waiting for the release of hazardous human world.

Shaping of the zombies in the game has been designed out how to impress the players, along with the combination of the gameplay is quite unique and attractive. Zombie Shoot often as problematic by many gamers as how to be able to defeat hideous monsters that do not let them hit.
Of course, in addition to choosing the right location, the use of the gun, fit to kill opponents fast is very necessary in the Zombie game mode. With the game’s story brought the era was built on quality 3D graphics and sound effects are characteristics of the zombie shooter game The Silver Bullet certainly will bring the most authentic experience for anyone Experience it.



Opponents Of H1z1 Impress Scary Content

The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers. As one of the online game Zombie attractive retrieve content to be released in 2013, the game Infestation: Survivor Stories get a lot of attention thanks to the combination of all these factors add horror. For those interested, you can refer to at home World in Game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built in the style quite rudimentary, making gamers feel the ruins of a human world is coming to an end before the outbreak of the Zombie pandemic. In his world, players will have to try to survive the onslaught of ferocious zombie flood, as well as from the other players. H1z1


However, it is noticeable that the players better in game Infestation: Survivor Stories may attack each other in battle. These people often do so with the goal of jokes, or kill others to usurp weapons. This makes the horror elements of the game Infestation: Survivor Stories is pushed up high, where in addition to resist the onslaught of floods Zombie, players also have to prevent the other major players. Fighting mechanisms in game Infestation: Survivor Stories are built like in a shooter game 3rd Characters can use the 2 kinds of weapons well ranged and melee. While all kinds of ranged weapons are guns have certain advantages help figure being approached by Zombie, the kinds of melee weapons have the potential to cause major damage, and can cause opponents pushed back or stunned, unable to pay the increased beat. The types of weapons in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories plentiful, from sniper rifles, submachine guns, pistols … have certain effects when fighting. However, as noted above, to own more types of equipment, players must collect them scattered across the map during gameplay. The character designs in the game Infestation: Survivor Stories also impressed abominations Zombie flood and knocked effects blood, limbs Zombie also feels creepy for gamers.

Game Infestation: Survivor Stories put gamers in a vast open world, allowing hundreds of people to join in a map to the attack against the zombie flood. During play, players take turns collecting the tools and accessory items … scattered across the map. The purpose of this time gamers will be looking to survive a Zombie attack. They can freely move around the map, but the number of Zombie was born very much, this is not a wise decision. Instead, players can team up with other players to be able to support each other, choose the terrain is well entrenched in defense. Of course, in the course of play, players will always have to move to avoid approaching zombie flood. Not just to avoid flood Zombie killing, gamers will need to search, collect the “supply” on the map to avoid being hungry character. After searching the supply figures, survival bar on the screen will automatically be restored. Of course, if this existential bar of all, players will be forced to stop the game.


Halo 5: Guardians Desire To Succeed As H1z1

Two technology giants Microsoft and GameStop has released the trailer for Halo 5: Guardians. Among them, the most striking images Locke Spartan armor Armor Set. However, it is for the players bid Halo 5: Guardians at the GameStop store system.
Locke Spartan armor will include two equipment: Armor Helmets HUNTER and HUNTER. In particular, HUNTER armor can be used in multiplayer on the day of the release of Halo 5. If gamers around the world are familiar with the game Master Chief – Spartan warriors helped defeat mankind’s conquest, the Spartan Covenant species Locke was a rather strange character for you. In the world of Halo storyline, characters Jameson Locke is a super Spartan IV, a project to train elite soldiers for special operations forces of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command).


The Spartan soldiers are created with body capacity, gene technology and psychologically superior than ordinary soldiers. In terms of technology, Master Chief is just a Spartan warrior II, ie “backward” than two Spartan life than Locke. Locke being tasked to hunt Master Chief after information from superiors said Master Chief who deserted.
Locke and Master Chief are all playable characters in single-player game of Halo 5. The relationship between these two characters has not clear, but it will be one of the best attractions of the game . It will be revealed when you participate in this game. So far, no one is sure if Locke’s friend or foe Chieft Master, as well as the purpose of this arduous quest. For its part, Microsoft only revealed that Halo 5: Guardians will be a leap of game action. The company did not share much that only emphasizes this game will certainly be very special. With many armed and new skills, Halo 5 will change the way people play attacking enemies, as well as marking the largest developers of Halo line ever.

Most recently, in Microsoft’s E3 event began with screen co-op play extremely voyeuristic 4 people in the game Halo 5: Guardian. Just a few minutes ago, Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2015 event officially began. Of course, the most attractive titles enabled by Microsoft, Halo 5: Guardian already won their opening position is extremely majestic, instead of the version of Call of Duty every year, or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, games were Xbox One shine and help get little “imposing” at E3 2014 last year.
Microsoft’s E3 event began with co-op gameplay of Halo 4 5: Guardian. Screen play with a stable frame rate of 60 FPS, and the visual effects are extremely voyeuristic. And at the end of the gameplay, a mysterious creature appears and prepare “best defense” protagonist. That’s all what people see to enjoy.
Along awaited official release date to see his big technological village will have surprises for us. This game will air in June next. The hnahf nah play game hoping the game will resonate loud as the previous action games. H1z1 Map is an example.


Beautiful Female Gamers Crush Opponents H1z1

Are the majority of female gamers often just choose the game with beautiful pictures, shaping cute characters and simple gameplay? Not necessarily so. Currently, we easily caught the female gamers are passionate about the game of tactics more than men ever. Those are the kind of games online which is only suitable for men as immersive swordplay, or first person shooter (MMOFPS) … But separate line strategy game with gameplay dry, static image, shaping human no detailed objects like other genres are more rare. Let’s meet with a girl is not the gentle, beautiful even drunk like that the online strategy game H1Z1.


That is the case of the girl Thu Phuong (nickname Zoe – server Quan India) with GMO Tinh game infantry.

Along heard her share of the predestined to this game.

Binh Tinh known from a friend

“That day, I and the boy go to drink coffee together. But see” him “just plug in the phone face should find strange. Sitting all hours, 2 people have nothing to say that he should sit during games his had inquired about that game. It turned out that was the name of war games is Crystal. Inexplicably, you just sit and listen to him for a while but I found some interesting or that has been created test accounts newbies sit … reverse. First time playing, see this game as simple operation, specific instructions, the most fun is the game “birding” – his friends call him that. ”
“From that day, he invited me to play Crystal soldiers you along, too. Honestly, initially not really excited about because I thought the time where that game, would rather go around streets with friends, or go eat there more. But after some time that people in the state to talk funny too funny, so I decided gu case studies Refined soldiers. ”

Was fascinated from the first playing time

“Both states know his daughter from the day you” potty potty “on channel world. The longer you are in the early states of address” you me “, after that I was female, then …” brother “. But since most of the time I was focused for further study and do so very occasionally and people new to the game. Usually these evenings go occupy land or occupy the stronghold only. Fortunately, the people supporting Zoe pretty more and still be able to keep you in the game. ” “I have a better idea of ​​this strategy game after 1st Infantry Tinh play. The more you understand, the more like his sense of overcoming tough copies, seeking to recruit generals, fortifications. I see this is a highly interactive game, brings intellectual property to connect to many different phone lines. Especially after knowing Binh also called “game 2S” increasingly want to stick with your game much longer. ” According nickname Zoe female gamers, the game is a game Refined intellectual war very consistent with his girlfriend enjoy tinkering study. Zoe will certainly not be the only girl RTS genre bald enchanting. She also hopes to find the rivals of the same sex to engage in this game.


“Opponents Of H1z1” The Division Unattractive

H1z1, as you know, the first game at E3 2013 appearance, instantly online shooter game Tom Clancy’s called The Division has created a wave of extremely special fans. According to the latest news, Ubisoft Annency, studio made multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell would join hands with Ubisoft Montreal finishing this game to bring The Division to the gaming community a punctual in This 2015. This is a good news for the fans.
In the framework of VGX Awards 2013, Ubisoft has brought one of their newest products is attracting a lot of attention since revealed at E3, it’s Tom Clancy’s game The Division. This game is based on a completely new engine called Snow Drop, supports many advanced graphics features present and therefore, bring layers of clothing so splendid graphics for The Division. This is also the point to bring the game to attract co.

Not only because of the light, the object surface, the shadow effect is extremely detailed but The Division also makes the viewer wonder as physical interoperability diversity can say is currently the most: the board Brand gunshot penetrated the light disclose through, punctured car tire can take fire from guns and especially Ubisoft advertises that destroyed objects are random and do not follow any predefined rules.
The context of the game The Division took place in America in the near future as a precursor flu bioweapons research military flare makes this powerful states completely collapse within 5 days. In the wake of the devastating pandemic, swept through cities across the country, including New York City, it was found that the spread of diseases transmitted by bacteria on banknotes. As a last resort, the play The Division is part of a taxon of tactical agents self-support, called “localization strategy department (SHD)” or “Division” for short. Leading apparently normal lives among us, the agents are trained to operate independently of the command when all else fails.


This group was formed to combat the threat brought about by the explosion and the direct empowerment of the President of the United States to do anything to prevent the collapse of social and city-piece back together in an online situation many adults, put them against enemy AI -controlled, as well as other players in the game. During the game, the dealer will find themselves caught in a worldwide conspiracy and will be forced to fight the threat of viruses as well as those who liberated it. When everything else fall, the task of Division started …
We live in a world of fragile and complex, a site of interdependent systems, we rely on each day. When one fails, the others to follow suit, creating a domino effect that can cause fatal paralysis of day society. Tom Clancy’s In The Division, immersed in a scary city chaos and devastation in New York, where all have failed. As a Division agent, your mission is to restore order, teams up with other agents and taken to New York.


Game H1z1 Express Gender Equality As Additional Heroine

Horror title featured additional year decided female game character to uphold the spirit of gender equality. Accordingly, this female character charm stature but very strong and athletic. Manufacturer of H1Z1, Daybreak games that will launch this female character in about 2 weeks. Its CEO, John Smedley has shared this information on his Twitter. Project design and development of female characters to be launched from January H1Z1 3/2015 with very serious efforts in the diversification and improvement of the character models. This female character has a height equivalent to the male characters, so there will not be any superior advantage in the dodge or combat.

Together, these characters will equal about fashion. Specifically, if you find a pair of jeans in the game, you’ll be wearing if you’re playing male characters wear modern male and female if playing the heroine.
Without any gender discrimination in the game, any outfit any male character, the heroine has also owned a similar suit, only a slight adjustment to fit physique. H1z1 maps period set in dark future of human society before the onslaught of the undead disaster. The fate of men very fragile. On the one hand, they try to survive, trying to seek a safe haven away from the crowd of zombies eat raw meat, which can eat any living creature they caught, and their bites have his infectious. Besides, the characters have to fight our fellow righteous.

However, the development team is the horror of the game is not in the battle screen which is that gamers will like will have to find ways to survive this apocalyptic world, not knowing what awaited her in front or behind closed doors.
Shooting in H1Z1 bring real experiences. You must face the past aiming crosshairs and it certainly is not something easy in the first corner and third look. Regarding RPG elements, the game brings players to customize characters and record their journey, one of the fundamentals of the game online, and besides, H1Z1 brings an in-game economy rather complete. Players can exchange traded items earned through the “survival” of you in the game.
Maybe humanity did not exist in nature H1Z1 but it is still there, and it still brings food supplies, drinking water for us, although no longer the same as before. There will be a wolf, deer in the game and other animals, they will recur identically struggle to survive life. Wolf hunting deer, wolves are eating zombie and deer, and humans are going “meat” all.