Reign Of Kings Give The Player More Satisfied H1z1

When participating in the game Reign of Kings, players will experience the feeling of “survival” when playing a character like this, “Robinson Crusoe desert island apart” when engaged in this game. Recently online gaming world a unique open world game Reign of Kings opened the trial through Steam Early Access system, players want to join play Reign of Kings during the test will have to spend about $ 19.99. The problem is most authentic is shown in the game Reign of Kings, the player will be faced with things like how to not starve, die of thirst and especially not by predators attack. The initial work of the game of course is still trying to find and store food to not starve.

In the original, players will have only rudimentary instruments as wood ax, at this time, players will be forced to go for gathering berries can not kill large animals for meat. H1z1


Reign of Kings game will give players a lot of interesting features in the virtual world as wildlife hunting, gathering all kinds of natural resources, build your own city a vast and naturally self furniture manufacturing forged.
When participants Reign of Kings game, gamers will experience the feeling of “survival” when playing a character like this, “Robinson Crusoe desert island apart”. Starting instruments, players will start making the kind of instruments are more like teachers, or especially the provision that can attack from afar. However, this is only the first step in the fight for gamers to explore the world in the game Reign of Kings.
World in the game Reign of Kings built relatively large helping gamers are free to explore. The more you move beyond the initial area, players will increasingly have to deal with these dangers lurk more Arabic. Having amassed a relative food, players will be able to begin to discover more features in the game Reign of Kings, and often that is trying to gather materials for their manufacture of sort items better.
It must be noted that, while on the move or whenever activity, the character will be reduced stamina bar makes players will be constantly supplemented using food.

When die along the way, the character will be revived, however, items, tools and equipment they carry will be … erased. As mentioned above, every item in the game Reign of Kings were built by gamers, collectors.
After experiencing the first game screen to solve basic problems such as food, items, equipment, instruments … gamers will be able to join the guild was created to build physical. The cooperation with each role is important because an individual is susceptible to other players bang attack, killed while traveling on the map. When they will automatically attack players while moving closer. Furthermore, players are faced with the situation of blood between road, or simply starve to be … moving too far.
Of course, there will not be any “shop” around the map yet so gamers can buy food or buy the bottles recovered. All the items in the game Reign of Kings were by gamers themselves will collect, search on. Game Reign of Kings built a fairly new gameplay and unique. However, the fighting style of game Reign of Kings is quite new and may not be suitable for reviews of many gamers.



Dead Effect 2. Rival H1z1 Promises Attractive Shootout

In preparation for the launch date horror game Dead Effect 2 in the near future, the airline recently BadFly restaurant with an extremely gameplay has eye. If you are a fan of the genre shooter zombie hunting, make sure the player will be hard to forget the Dead Effect, a fictional blockbuster unique mix between Dead Space and Mass Effect. Since being launched so far, this game has received positive feedback on Steam and the App Store and was successful serial, game Dead Effect 2 continues to bring a world full of gore violent bloodthirsty zombies revolves around weapons and the modern. H1z1 Maps

With more than 8 million downloads of part 1 Dead Effect has shown success and new targets for the development team to create another new part of the action intense shooter on mobile devices. This game will give gamers a quality gaming experience, from fast-paced to the control system and the dramatic elements are interwoven in the plot sure to make players happy. Bring on the shoulders of their predecessors success ahead, game sequels Dead recent Effect 2 officially revealed the first gameplay images, gives viewers the action repeatedly with extreme 3D graphics face skin. Expectedly, this zombie killing game mobile will launch in autumn this year. And again, the context of the game takes place in the distant future outer space, away from the Earth, and mainly on spacecraft ESS Meridian. And like the predecessor, Dead Effect 2 game also appeared many gamers zombies to kill. Besides, there have robots, aircraft, and many other horror entities will appear in many extremely challenging gameplay. Horror game Dead Effect 2 does not simply bring to the screen shelling kill zombies, but also take gamers to the other mysterious mission conspiracies exist deep inside the spacecraft is certainly terrible terrible than death.
Indeed, game Dead Effect 2 is the perfect combination of style and bold shooter horror. Unlike the current horror title when trying to put thrust gamers into the action sequences dizzying whirl, game Dead Effect 2 toward slow, gradual groping in the dark atmosphere, horror, murky and pass them all to survive the journey.


Gamers can use a variety of weapons with different superior strength to support themselves in the fight as guns, knives, darts … Also there are other items that help to make the time switch slow down extremely helpful. Horror game Dead Effect 2 really contains all the features that players hope to gain as in the horror game that uses the device driver. The biggest change of the game Dead Effect 2 may be mentioned that the issuer has partnered with Nvidia BadFly. This means horror game Dead Effect 2 will work best on devices Tegra chip property, plus it supports a maximum of gaming with 4K resolution on the Nvidia Shield game machines . It was indeed a wonderful thing is not it. Surely once launched, the game Dead Effect 2 will continue to bring players the ultimate excitement when engaged in firefights suffocation screen, the screen bloody bombardment to chillingly.
It is known horror game Dead Effect 2 is still in the process of completion and is expected to launch in Q3 2015.


This War Of Mine- New Rival H1z1 Survival Game Coming Soon

This game War of Mine is the survival game set in the brutal war was molded by the hands developer 11 bit studios will release next July. 11 bit studios developer recently unveiled a new website and trailer interacts with the launch of the War of Mine This game on tablet devices running Android and iOS operating systems. This is a survival game set in mobile country ravaged by war world with content and striking design.
This game has won the big prize when first launched on PC. And next, the game will hopefully make a difference when on the phone. This game War of Mine brought perspectives and real feelings to control the game, portrays an ugly face, the darkness of war, which many people have mistakenly thought that they violently lost forget heroes, cruel and full of loss. H1z1 Maps


This game was introduced War of Mine comes with very humanistic slogan “War is not a choice”. This Alf a powerful slogan and meaningful warning that people who suffer and cope with guns in wars is not always the fighters but also innocent civilians.
Description is a survival game with war scene overcast, War of Mine This game lets you control a group of civilians – who are trying to maintain its life in a city located in a war zone the severity and danger. Players try to make life and death decisions based entirely on his mind to be able to survive in that world khiics paralysis.
This game War of Mine known as a survival game most potential in 2014, the game takes players into the context of a civil war of unknown date of termination.
Choices might include whether you have decided to protect the people who live along its hiding place or sacrifice a few of them so you can survive. This game promises to challenge players’ morality when caught they face difficult choices in order to survive in times of “chaos military training” is.
11 bit Studios has invested very long for this product to create a mechanism for Struggle with numerous gameplay elements affect your struggle to survive from food, water, weapons, tools used … It was the quarter-specific direct impact on your life.

Not just a game, This War of Mine was for the fans to see what his noble gesture towards the misery around the world. Recently, the firm 11 bit Studios has announced that the amount of revenue from the DLC was enough to save the lives of more than 350 Syrian refugees in the country and their children. And surely they will transfer all this money to War Child, a non-profit organization in the UK. This is considered a humanitarian act of the game publishers. With what the War of Mine This has brought the PC version, players can fully trust the upcoming mobile version will not make you be disappointed. Expectedly, the game will launch on Android devices and iOS tablet in July next.


Vietnamese Gamers To Play Armored Warfare Abandon H1z1

Armored Warfare game is one of the potential the new game developed by Obsidian Entertainment’s popular game. The publisher also has elevated game Armored Warfare names through gameplay clip of “quality”. Video demo reappear contribute fierce battle between the countries in the region. Built with CryEngine 3 graphics platform, this game easily attracted players from the first glance. First introduced in Q1 of this year, the game Armored Warfare is the focal point of attracting the attention of the gaming community favorite military series. Basically, the game Armored Warfare exploitation World War 2 theme is similar to World of Tanks or War Thunder, but in the online game F2P MMO genre “net” increase will shoot smoother images with sharper series graphics improvements. Previously, many people think that the game Armored Warfare is a game clone of World of Tanks. Still take gameplay shooting angle increases with the third but Armored Warfare game will bring a lot of interesting things, namely, the participants will also be commanding an army in battle.H1z1


Not only a single controller in battle tanks, Armored Warfare game players can distribute their forces in battle. The tanks are distributed automatically combat, and players will have the freedom to switch between each tank in the game. Armored Warfare game content or not to follow the path of the line shooter was successful before. Although ownership of high-end technologies in graphics, but also quite gentle Armored Warfare so players can download games and computer experience for mid-range configuration. The designs are quite detailed tank simulation brings real and true image sharpness for players. The game Armored Warfare tank is divided into several categories, and of course, owns the different shooting styles of reach pretty far for you to choose.
Deathmatch game mode is quite satisfying as allowing up to 64 players simultaneously participate on a map. It is worth noting that in addition to playing online with other players, gamers can also play offline with bots.

In addition, this occurrence, Armored Warfare, also unveiled a number of new features, such as PvE system. Specifically, players will be allowed to choose the means as the main battle tank (MBT), armored vehicles and self-propelled artillery wheel and Tank Destroyer (Fort antitank). Each type of vehicle in the game will have advantages and disadvantages, tactics and techniques characteristic of different roles on the battlefield, require players to have a synergistic effect if you want to win the war victory. In Armored Warfare maps built broad and detailed, making the selection of the tanks have the ability to move quickly is preferred. In addition to destroying the enemy, game participants also can destroy the environment, works to move to self-design their own way. Test phase of exciting online game Armored Warfare firing tank will begin open from 27/5 to 3/6 and players want to participate must be enabled code. Those interested can gamers earn key here, then sign up for an account.


Some Tools When Playing H1z1

Normally, when you enter the server H1Z1 you have to hunt all over the map for weapons, clothes, items, other players, etc. Searching can take you hours just to find a gun. Here you can see the first image of ESP IWantCheats inside game. It shows you other players, player name, weapon, clothes, all of the items, etc. This means that you do not have time to search; you can find the best weapons and all the items you could ever want. While other users wasted many hours searching for just a few items, you can have your inventory is fully charged in just a short period of time.

H1Z1 Hacks Cheats aimbot

Items: See all items on the server at all times
Name: See the names of the other players in the game
Zombie: See every zombie on the map at any time
Player: View all players on the map at any time
Distance: See how far side, players, and the zombies



The Night to Day: Set the game always run in the daylight
Speed ​​Hack: Run as fast as you want on the map
No Clip: Allows the player to go through walls
Fly Hack: Allows players to fly through the air

H1Z1 aimbot

Push to Lock: Press the button to lock in the first set aimbot
Adjust FOV: Field of View can be adjusted to view 360 degrees
Not Spread: All bullet hit dead center on target
No Recoil: Weapons no longer move when fired
Automatically change: Weapon locks to the next player or zombie
Adjust way: Put away the aimbot allowed to view
Visibility Testing: Allows Bot knows when fire
Customizable Aim Key: Allows you to use the mouse or keyboard


Show FPS: Display frame rate on screen
Save Config: Save the settings you prefer for hacking
Show Time: Show the current time of day
Change Colors: Set the color for every item in the game

Anti-Cheat H1Z1

Obviously Screenshot: Provides clean screenshots for servers
Anti-Detection: special code to keep you from being detected

Cheats H1Z1 Hardware ID Spoofer (HWID)

We are pleased to announce the release of new hardware our breakthrough Spoofer for H1Z1, this tool change hard-coded serial numbers of all hard drives (IDE, SATA, SSD, SCSI, USB) on all the popular Windows version, we support. When you register and download our Hacks H1Z1 the spoofer is automatically put into the software at no additional charge to you. This layer of protection to keep you safe from the ban and never could go back into the game. The H1Z1 aimbot will take a little more time because we have to get all the games for the coordinates. When aimbot release all locking weapons on any player or animals with the touch of a button. Then, simply press the fire and put it out and never killed again. Keep the articles are released when we finish the code, so you can get free daily updates.


Sony Online Entertainment Pc Release New H1z1

President John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment has launched an avalanche of new details about mysterious H1Z1. As predicted earlier, H1Z1 is one, full of apocalyptic zombie MMO with sandbox elements. However, Sony promises that this is more ambitious games your average zombie, with almost limitless potential. Hit the jump for all the juicy details. H1Z1 be a title free-to-play will start first on the PC and then on PlayStation 4. It will have microtransactions, but Sony has stated that it will not be ‘pay-to-win “or ask any of the subscribers. It also will be available on Steam Early Access in 4-6 weeks, but that will cost you $ 20. Sony Online Entertainment PC H1Z1 first report, and said after the game will be on PS4 will be shown in 4-6 weeks through Steam Early Access system.


In this version of the game will be on sale for $ 20. But at full output will be a free to play game, and some products can be purchased in the game with real money. The question in the minds of the players wonder if Sony make this statement is quoted from the game Dayz? In my opinion, this game more than the number cited in the Dayz. Because if you look at the features of the game with almost everything the same except that the system Dayz Dayz $ 30 and item no h1z1 of Sati and played with F2P game mode. However, in this way also play at Dayz server Hardcore. I put at the bottom of the first video game for you. H1Z1 is a multiplayer game in which players fight for survival in a world where death is a certainty. The virus ravages humanity h1z1 map and leave nothing but death and destruction. Already 15 years since first encountering H1Z1 and what remains of the world before being filled with the infected. Mankind has been reduced to hiding in the dark, desperate search for food and water and anything that can help to survive even for a day.

Daily life in Apocalypse means dealing with all kinds of wild animals and the cruelty of the other survivors, as well as finding your next meal and a safe place to sleep. It also means that scavenging or crafting anything that can help you live another day. In H1Z1 every minute, every day is borrowed time and feared for your life … Mankind has not been given in the infection. There are still pockets of humanity and the fight goes on!
To survive in this haunting environment, you do not have many choices. Or fighting to survive, or die. The enemy always lurking and get your daily siege. So be really careful. Games will provide the tools you need. It remains dependent on the will and all your energy only.