Tree Of Life- Survival Game Title In Korea Beat H1z1

Overall, Game Tree of Life makes us reminiscent survival game is to storm the market today – Do not starve or H1Z1.

Game Tree of Life is a sandbox MMO content existential play, creating the feeling of “live” and “N” honestly in the virtual world. Everyone participated in the game will be engaged in a very real community with a complex economy, active life and requires gamers to communicate and coordinate with each other regularly. Tree of Life has added several interactive elements between gamers together. Control mechanisms in the Tree of Life goes towards the third angle, quite simple and almost nothing is too difficult for gamers. World in Tree of Life is a vast open world, where players with experience in the same server. Still, they will be faced with another danger always lurking.


In the Tree of Life, players will be selected to 24 different occupations. Every profession has its characteristic, as well as personal skills to help gamers can manufacture these items, equipped with their own values. Of course, gamers are able to learn and switching between 24 occupational categories this. H1z1 Maps
It is notable that this profession has a certain level of interaction with each other, such as carpentry important role in Tree of Life, and is almost occupation that gamers must learn. This came from the carpenter could invent items, such as molds equipped for blacksmiths, tailors measure or simply trolley for farmers … Gamers will encounter direct competition with gamers. This can come from a number of concepts such as land tenure, or minerals, precious natural resources. If you arrive late, the other players will quickly take all these kinds of scarce resources.
Additionally, PvP is also allowed in the land of freedom, when players can attack each other in a relaxed manner. Reconstruct a realistic world where players had to endure the harsh nature, Tree of Life continues to take on more difficult to gamers, it is the appearance of monsters at night .

The monsters appear from the huge monster, until the zombies will attack players while moving closer. Therefore, moving out at night becomes quite dangerous, and gamers will need the kind of equipment powerful enough as the average recovery or powerful weapons to be able to go back at night. Recently, online games open world game Tree of Life has become a new phenomenon on the Steam distribution system while attracting more than 10,000 players and earned $ 200,000, this is a not a small figure when the New game launches just 6 days. Also, this game also received a comment is … too great from the players involved in the game. Tree of Life because of a small studio from Korea is oddonegames only 4 people in 3 years development. Currently the game is sold with 3 prices, the cheapest is $ 19.99, followed by $ 24.99 and $ 59.99 in addition to adding the new content added $ 7.99.



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