Dead Effect 2. Rival H1z1 Promises Attractive Shootout

In preparation for the launch date horror game Dead Effect 2 in the near future, the airline recently BadFly restaurant with an extremely gameplay has eye. If you are a fan of the genre shooter zombie hunting, make sure the player will be hard to forget the Dead Effect, a fictional blockbuster unique mix between Dead Space and Mass Effect. Since being launched so far, this game has received positive feedback on Steam and the App Store and was successful serial, game Dead Effect 2 continues to bring a world full of gore violent bloodthirsty zombies revolves around weapons and the modern. H1z1 Maps

With more than 8 million downloads of part 1 Dead Effect has shown success and new targets for the development team to create another new part of the action intense shooter on mobile devices. This game will give gamers a quality gaming experience, from fast-paced to the control system and the dramatic elements are interwoven in the plot sure to make players happy. Bring on the shoulders of their predecessors success ahead, game sequels Dead recent Effect 2 officially revealed the first gameplay images, gives viewers the action repeatedly with extreme 3D graphics face skin. Expectedly, this zombie killing game mobile will launch in autumn this year. And again, the context of the game takes place in the distant future outer space, away from the Earth, and mainly on spacecraft ESS Meridian. And like the predecessor, Dead Effect 2 game also appeared many gamers zombies to kill. Besides, there have robots, aircraft, and many other horror entities will appear in many extremely challenging gameplay. Horror game Dead Effect 2 does not simply bring to the screen shelling kill zombies, but also take gamers to the other mysterious mission conspiracies exist deep inside the spacecraft is certainly terrible terrible than death.
Indeed, game Dead Effect 2 is the perfect combination of style and bold shooter horror. Unlike the current horror title when trying to put thrust gamers into the action sequences dizzying whirl, game Dead Effect 2 toward slow, gradual groping in the dark atmosphere, horror, murky and pass them all to survive the journey.


Gamers can use a variety of weapons with different superior strength to support themselves in the fight as guns, knives, darts … Also there are other items that help to make the time switch slow down extremely helpful. Horror game Dead Effect 2 really contains all the features that players hope to gain as in the horror game that uses the device driver. The biggest change of the game Dead Effect 2 may be mentioned that the issuer has partnered with Nvidia BadFly. This means horror game Dead Effect 2 will work best on devices Tegra chip property, plus it supports a maximum of gaming with 4K resolution on the Nvidia Shield game machines . It was indeed a wonderful thing is not it. Surely once launched, the game Dead Effect 2 will continue to bring players the ultimate excitement when engaged in firefights suffocation screen, the screen bloody bombardment to chillingly.
It is known horror game Dead Effect 2 is still in the process of completion and is expected to launch in Q3 2015.



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