Halo 5: Guardians Desire To Succeed As H1z1

Two technology giants Microsoft and GameStop has released the trailer for Halo 5: Guardians. Among them, the most striking images Locke Spartan armor Armor Set. However, it is for the players bid Halo 5: Guardians at the GameStop store system.
Locke Spartan armor will include two equipment: Armor Helmets HUNTER and HUNTER. In particular, HUNTER armor can be used in multiplayer on the day of the release of Halo 5. If gamers around the world are familiar with the game Master Chief – Spartan warriors helped defeat mankind’s conquest, the Spartan Covenant species Locke was a rather strange character for you. In the world of Halo storyline, characters Jameson Locke is a super Spartan IV, a project to train elite soldiers for special operations forces of the UNSC (United Nations Space Command).


The Spartan soldiers are created with body capacity, gene technology and psychologically superior than ordinary soldiers. In terms of technology, Master Chief is just a Spartan warrior II, ie “backward” than two Spartan life than Locke. Locke being tasked to hunt Master Chief after information from superiors said Master Chief who deserted.
Locke and Master Chief are all playable characters in single-player game of Halo 5. The relationship between these two characters has not clear, but it will be one of the best attractions of the game . It will be revealed when you participate in this game. So far, no one is sure if Locke’s friend or foe Chieft Master, as well as the purpose of this arduous quest. For its part, Microsoft only revealed that Halo 5: Guardians will be a leap of game action. The company did not share much that only emphasizes this game will certainly be very special. With many armed and new skills, Halo 5 will change the way people play attacking enemies, as well as marking the largest developers of Halo line ever.

Most recently, in Microsoft’s E3 event began with screen co-op play extremely voyeuristic 4 people in the game Halo 5: Guardian. Just a few minutes ago, Microsoft’s press conference at E3 2015 event officially began. Of course, the most attractive titles enabled by Microsoft, Halo 5: Guardian already won their opening position is extremely majestic, instead of the version of Call of Duty every year, or Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, games were Xbox One shine and help get little “imposing” at E3 2014 last year.
Microsoft’s E3 event began with co-op gameplay of Halo 4 5: Guardian. Screen play with a stable frame rate of 60 FPS, and the visual effects are extremely voyeuristic. And at the end of the gameplay, a mysterious creature appears and prepare “best defense” protagonist. That’s all what people see to enjoy.
Along awaited official release date to see his big technological village will have surprises for us. This game will air in June next. The hnahf nah play game hoping the game will resonate loud as the previous action games. H1z1 Map is an example.

Source: http://h1z1map.weebly.com/


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