Beautiful Female Gamers Crush Opponents H1z1

Are the majority of female gamers often just choose the game with beautiful pictures, shaping cute characters and simple gameplay? Not necessarily so. Currently, we easily caught the female gamers are passionate about the game of tactics more than men ever. Those are the kind of games online which is only suitable for men as immersive swordplay, or first person shooter (MMOFPS) … But separate line strategy game with gameplay dry, static image, shaping human no detailed objects like other genres are more rare. Let’s meet with a girl is not the gentle, beautiful even drunk like that the online strategy game H1Z1.


That is the case of the girl Thu Phuong (nickname Zoe – server Quan India) with GMO Tinh game infantry.

Along heard her share of the predestined to this game.

Binh Tinh known from a friend

“That day, I and the boy go to drink coffee together. But see” him “just plug in the phone face should find strange. Sitting all hours, 2 people have nothing to say that he should sit during games his had inquired about that game. It turned out that was the name of war games is Crystal. Inexplicably, you just sit and listen to him for a while but I found some interesting or that has been created test accounts newbies sit … reverse. First time playing, see this game as simple operation, specific instructions, the most fun is the game “birding” – his friends call him that. ”
“From that day, he invited me to play Crystal soldiers you along, too. Honestly, initially not really excited about because I thought the time where that game, would rather go around streets with friends, or go eat there more. But after some time that people in the state to talk funny too funny, so I decided gu case studies Refined soldiers. ”

Was fascinated from the first playing time

“Both states know his daughter from the day you” potty potty “on channel world. The longer you are in the early states of address” you me “, after that I was female, then …” brother “. But since most of the time I was focused for further study and do so very occasionally and people new to the game. Usually these evenings go occupy land or occupy the stronghold only. Fortunately, the people supporting Zoe pretty more and still be able to keep you in the game. ” “I have a better idea of ​​this strategy game after 1st Infantry Tinh play. The more you understand, the more like his sense of overcoming tough copies, seeking to recruit generals, fortifications. I see this is a highly interactive game, brings intellectual property to connect to many different phone lines. Especially after knowing Binh also called “game 2S” increasingly want to stick with your game much longer. ” According nickname Zoe female gamers, the game is a game Refined intellectual war very consistent with his girlfriend enjoy tinkering study. Zoe will certainly not be the only girl RTS genre bald enchanting. She also hopes to find the rivals of the same sex to engage in this game.



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