“Opponents H1z1” Zombie Eternal City 3 Prepared Opening

Subject destroyed world zombie pandemic and never makes gaming all ideas, and games called Eternal City’s upcoming next 3 will contribute filling up warehouses of the genre.

On 05.02.2015 the next day, online shooter game 3rd Eternal City 3 open beta will be open in the Korean market. Gamers like the zombie theme disaster can register for an account and refer to at home: http://h1z1map.blogspot.com/.
Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible declining population and a very large flood occurs Zombie run around.
Eternal City 3 is a game online Tuesday shooter set in post-apocalyptic world, where the survivors will be wary with zombie hordes and mutant may appear offensive estate anytime. They are very aggressive and very dangerous.


However, the game Eternal City 3 will not put the player into situations awfully difficult as collective existential way, go find water or food saves in games like The Last of Us or I Am Alive which focus recreational game in more directions while providing players with extreme shooting was hand screen. This is also the difference of this game. Game Eternal City 3 has extremely true context in Seoul – South Korea’s capital pandemic infection caused terrible decline of the population and appear very crowded online only clique Zombie “brain food” people . Battlefield 3 game Eternal City is designed in the South Korean city, so you can easily recognize the familiar streets of Seoul are very realistic reconstruction. The mission of gamers in this game is to try to survive in a world full of dangers, but to do this we must unite together and defeat the violent zombie herd. Since launching the first image on its homepage from 20/8 until now, the Eternal City 3 remain diligent team game developed by the 3D graphics platform created by them called engine Bulldozer 3. Eternal City 3 have stunning graphics platform with the details to be extremely realistic design can impress gamers participate. Pictures of the city of Seoul under Bulldozer 3 3D graphics became an extremely tragic battle with dilapidated buildings and street corners in the Eternal City in ruins 3.

The appeal of this new game is not controversial, as experienced during the Closed Beta registration was conducted in mid-May before had so many players registered publishers fear that there will be errors on the server too Downloads occur should only allow 5,000 players registered to participate in the earliest phase of this trial.
Eternal City 3 promises to be one or more titles from the land of Kim Chi made headlines around the world next to the names ahead as h1z1 map. If you are a favorite shooting games, please do not overlook this exciting game.

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“Opponents Of H1z1” The Division Unattractive

H1z1, as you know, the first game at E3 2013 appearance, instantly online shooter game Tom Clancy’s called The Division has created a wave of extremely special fans. According to the latest news, Ubisoft Annency, studio made multiplayer of Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell would join hands with Ubisoft Montreal finishing this game to bring The Division to the gaming community a punctual in This 2015. This is a good news for the fans.
In the framework of VGX Awards 2013, Ubisoft has brought one of their newest products is attracting a lot of attention since revealed at E3, it’s Tom Clancy’s game The Division. This game is based on a completely new engine called Snow Drop, supports many advanced graphics features present and therefore, bring layers of clothing so splendid graphics for The Division. This is also the point to bring the game to attract co.

Not only because of the light, the object surface, the shadow effect is extremely detailed but The Division also makes the viewer wonder as physical interoperability diversity can say is currently the most: the board Brand gunshot penetrated the light disclose through, punctured car tire can take fire from guns and especially Ubisoft advertises that destroyed objects are random and do not follow any predefined rules.
The context of the game The Division took place in America in the near future as a precursor flu bioweapons research military flare makes this powerful states completely collapse within 5 days. In the wake of the devastating pandemic, swept through cities across the country, including New York City, it was found that the spread of diseases transmitted by bacteria on banknotes. As a last resort, the play The Division is part of a taxon of tactical agents self-support, called “localization strategy department (SHD)” or “Division” for short. Leading apparently normal lives among us, the agents are trained to operate independently of the command when all else fails.


This group was formed to combat the threat brought about by the explosion and the direct empowerment of the President of the United States to do anything to prevent the collapse of social and city-piece back together in an online situation many adults, put them against enemy AI -controlled, as well as other players in the game. During the game, the dealer will find themselves caught in a worldwide conspiracy and will be forced to fight the threat of viruses as well as those who liberated it. When everything else fall, the task of Division started …
We live in a world of fragile and complex, a site of interdependent systems, we rely on each day. When one fails, the others to follow suit, creating a domino effect that can cause fatal paralysis of day society. Tom Clancy’s In The Division, immersed in a scary city chaos and devastation in New York, where all have failed. As a Division agent, your mission is to restore order, teams up with other agents and taken to New York.

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H1z1 Sell 1 Million Copies

H1Z1 maps is not really much of a game right now. About a month after H1Z1 published, the research team developed SOEs still hammer down the basic needs of the game. Once the H1Z1 hardcore fans – those who interfere with an official subreddit ideas and requirements – through access jump in and start testing soon. “We know that we are a hardcore MMO survive,” Jimmy Whisenhunt, senior designer for H1Z1, told Polygon. “We know we want zombies is difficult. We know we want their wedding in the game. We want to get players crafting in the game, and we know about the amount of time that we want that to lose. “

Then, the idea seems to be if they come, players will build. An example of this is a recent 12-hour rally on Twitch including H1Z1 SOE community team asked for the features they want to appreciate seeing in the game. Fans asked for the ability to barricade an existing structure – a reasonable request, given that most shelters early in the game abandoned cabin, tent rangers and bombed motels along landscape . Initially, the team was only allowed Whisenhunt means of reinforcing the structure a self-built players. H1Z1, if only for the use of consonants second immediately invites comparison to Dayz, extremely successful Arma 2 mod that faces the players survive by scavenging, forming alliances , or hunt the other players. President John Smedley SOE did not shy away from comparisons to Dayz, admitted that he and the team are H1Z1 themselves “fans and contributors,” to Dayz. “We love this genre and we think we have a pleasure to go on that people will like,” Whisenhunt said. “[Finding] bread is important, however, you’ll be crafting your own way through. There are possibilities for you can cause permanent thing in the world, such as building a house. Even even the possibility of the city building. I hope the players, the last, best guys are hardcore survivalists, to have a lasting impact and basically became the target of the servers. “

H1Z1, open world zombie survival game from the studio formerly known as Sony Online Entertainment, has surpassed one million sales on Steam. Daybreak Studios, the developer of the game which became independent from Sony in February, announced on Twitter milestone revenue. John Smedley, president of the company, exclaimed: “We have sold 1 million copies of H1Z1 on Steam!” Currently, the MMO is only available as an Early Access Steam titles, which means players are undergoing projects in alpha and beta state. When H1Z1 first launched, in January, strong demand for the game led to server problems. In March, Smedley said the company will soon be adding a monthly ticket allowing unlimited access to a game mode called Battle Royale, a final event many tall men. Currently, the game offers free access to the Battle Royal, but eventually it will become an advanced mode that requires either a currency or a fee tickets that can be earned in the game.

Source: http://www.h1z1maps.net/h1z1-sell-1-million-copies.html

Sony Online Entertainment Pc Release New H1z1

President John Smedley, Sony Online Entertainment has launched an avalanche of new details about mysterious H1Z1. As predicted earlier, H1Z1 is one, full of apocalyptic zombie MMO with sandbox elements. However, Sony promises that this is more ambitious games your average zombie, with almost limitless potential. Hit the jump for all the juicy details. H1Z1 be a title free-to-play will start first on the PC and then on PlayStation 4. It will have microtransactions, but Sony has stated that it will not be ‘pay-to-win “or ask any of the subscribers. It also will be available on Steam Early Access in 4-6 weeks, but that will cost you $ 20. Sony Online Entertainment PC H1Z1 first report, and said after the game will be on PS4 will be shown in 4-6 weeks through Steam Early Access system.


In this version of the game will be on sale for $ 20. But at full output will be a free to play game, and some products can be purchased in the game with real money. The question in the minds of the players wonder if Sony make this statement is quoted from the game Dayz? In my opinion, this game more than the number cited in the Dayz. Because if you look at the features of the game with almost everything the same except that the system Dayz Dayz $ 30 and item no h1z1 of Sati and played with F2P game mode. However, in this way also play at Dayz server Hardcore. I put at the bottom of the first video game for you. H1Z1 is a multiplayer game in which players fight for survival in a world where death is a certainty. The virus ravages humanity h1z1 map and leave nothing but death and destruction. Already 15 years since first encountering H1Z1 and what remains of the world before being filled with the infected. Mankind has been reduced to hiding in the dark, desperate search for food and water and anything that can help to survive even for a day.

Daily life in Apocalypse means dealing with all kinds of wild animals and the cruelty of the other survivors, as well as finding your next meal and a safe place to sleep. It also means that scavenging or crafting anything that can help you live another day. In H1Z1 every minute, every day is borrowed time and feared for your life … Mankind has not been given in the infection. There are still pockets of humanity and the fight goes on!
To survive in this haunting environment, you do not have many choices. Or fighting to survive, or die. The enemy always lurking and get your daily siege. So be really careful. Games will provide the tools you need. It remains dependent on the will and all your energy only.

Source: http://h1z1map.weebly.com/

The Reason Why You Can Not Refuse To Participate In Play H1z1

1. The game uses next-gen engine Forgelight
Behind the bold open sandbox environments and dozens of places in the modern city or the region in ruins, destroyed on a large scale … is the engine Forgelight. You can count on this engine of SOE because it’s what created the world and MMO Planetside 2 “peak” of its upcoming, EverQuest Next. This is a complete engine and was born to build giant sandbox titles. As I said, you can expect the game without much error, better effects, and physical systems have persuasive.

2. Transportation will be present in the game

The transportation will play an important role in the game and also will influence the gameplay somewhat. You can use the car to move quickly, to escape from the pursuit of zombies, used as a barrier in the gun battle with other players. Many different types of transportation will appear simultaneously in h1z1 game.

3. Diverse playing style
As mentioned above, you can also interact with pretty much everything in the game to create many different playing styles. You are allowed to burn the trees, dug to prevent the attack of zombies or just do it for fun. Most of the game’s environments can leverage to create advantages for players. And according to the developers, H1Z1 is a game quite “hardcore” gamers suited for hard.

4. Continuously update
We can say the main factor frequently updated content is the way to keep players of most online games and SOE now know it. They had planned to gradually expand the size of the map through each update constantly updated on the game.

5. Totally Free
Players can pay $ 20 on Steam in order to join before the game 4-6 weeks compared with those who play for free. H1Z1 does not require any monthly maintenance fee yet, and the game does not sell anything that affects PvP. Business Forms immediate items probably rose 2 percentage as in Planetside.

6. Multiple servers
H1Z1 probably not a game for casual players, and that “death is the end,” developers are still considering the application. However, SOE will also try to make game suitable for gamers as much as possible by making the server applies the “code” different. Details on this issue is still being discussed.

Source: http://www.h1z1maps.net/the-reason-why-you-can-not-refuse-to-participate-in-play-h1z1.html

Game H1z1 Express Gender Equality As Additional Heroine

Horror title featured additional year decided female game character to uphold the spirit of gender equality. Accordingly, this female character charm stature but very strong and athletic. Manufacturer of H1Z1, Daybreak games that will launch this female character in about 2 weeks. Its CEO, John Smedley has shared this information on his Twitter. Project design and development of female characters to be launched from January H1Z1 3/2015 with very serious efforts in the diversification and improvement of the character models. This female character has a height equivalent to the male characters, so there will not be any superior advantage in the dodge or combat.

Together, these characters will equal about fashion. Specifically, if you find a pair of jeans in the game, you’ll be wearing if you’re playing male characters wear modern male and female if playing the heroine.
Without any gender discrimination in the game, any outfit any male character, the heroine has also owned a similar suit, only a slight adjustment to fit physique. H1z1 maps period set in dark future of human society before the onslaught of the undead disaster. The fate of men very fragile. On the one hand, they try to survive, trying to seek a safe haven away from the crowd of zombies eat raw meat, which can eat any living creature they caught, and their bites have his infectious. Besides, the characters have to fight our fellow righteous.

However, the development team is the horror of the game is not in the battle screen which is that gamers will like will have to find ways to survive this apocalyptic world, not knowing what awaited her in front or behind closed doors.
Shooting in H1Z1 bring real experiences. You must face the past aiming crosshairs and it certainly is not something easy in the first corner and third look. Regarding RPG elements, the game brings players to customize characters and record their journey, one of the fundamentals of the game online, and besides, H1Z1 brings an in-game economy rather complete. Players can exchange traded items earned through the “survival” of you in the game.
Maybe humanity did not exist in nature H1Z1 but it is still there, and it still brings food supplies, drinking water for us, although no longer the same as before. There will be a wolf, deer in the game and other animals, they will recur identically struggle to survive life. Wolf hunting deer, wolves are eating zombie and deer, and humans are going “meat” all.

Source: http://www.h1z1maps.net/game-h1z1-express-gender-equality-as-additional-heroine.html

H1z1 Launched 150 Server

The launch of H1Z1 Early Access is due this week with more than 150 servers, including those with PVE, the developer has confirmed.
The game will launch tomorrow with 150-200 servers, starting with the US then add the European-based servers. PVE server will exist on one day, with both vanilla and hardcore variants. Similar variants will also be available for PVP servers. Smedley also said that the team will announce the specific rules set out for each server and other details in the coming days. H1Z1 map is a cult horror game.

In H1Z1 players step into the shoes of survivors after the zombie broke out around the world, forced to gather together and work together with other survivors and encourage cooperative group play . The game is a survival horror classic MMO was created with the tool Forgelight (Planetside 2) to provide a higher quality of graphics that go beyond what other games of this kind can supply.
15 years ago, marked the beginning of the zombie apocalypse, a mysterious event that has erupted and a devastated civilization hands of the whole world. In America you are a survivor, but day-to-day lives trying to find food, and shelter resources in a world where you have to constantly defend itself against not only zombies but from the Other survivors.
Players will gather on a huge server to help populate the vast world and ensure players are not spread too thin in the game that players are encouraged cooperatives. The server is the official server is provided by state enterprises so that players do not have to worry about lag when being chased down by a zombie or trying to get from players kill the survivors.

Now live on Steam H1Z1 Early Access, and depending on your location, you can buy it for $ 19.99 either or € 19.99. Along with access to the alpha, the buyer will also receive 3 H1Z1 event tickets, 2 barrels and 1 key. There is also a deluxe edition containing 25 event tickets, tickets airdropped 3, 6 barrels, 4 keys and crafting exclusive formula Aviator Hat. H1Z1 Premium Edition is priced not less than € 36.99 / $ 36.99.

Last year in April, Sony Online Entertainment’s John Smedley said that they were planning to sell wearables, but they “will not be sold Guns, Ammo, food, water … ie” because “it’s kind the whole game and it will suck in our opinion if we did that. “ Well, it seems the company’s view on H1Z1 monetization has changed and has since applied the pay-to-win, so much hate between MMO players. Many players H1Z1 began complaining about the fact that people who pay for parachuted always win. Airdrop is provided gun barrel, ambulance aid, food, ammunition and costs about $ 20 (€ 20) each.

Source: http://www.h1z1maps.net/h1z1-launched-150-server.html